Sunday, November 19, 2006

I was walking and looked inside some clothing store and a man wanted a gold belt and when they asked for a mailing address he said well I'll pay in cash now hunny, send it to memphis... and i didnt hear the rest

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's taken a looong time to let you guys know, but while we've been running around trying to celebrate Xmas/Christmas and New Year's and my birthday, our Internet connection has crapped out and The BF is in the process of ordering a new router. I'm borrowing someone else's computer to post this. Expect several retroposts either this week or the next.

Monday, June 12, 2006

With you all!!! HOW REPERER A SCOUT? (or a guide!) - already to the weekend a scout does not say "I am in weekend" but "I leave in weekend" - a scout is the only one with being able to light a fire in less than 5 mins some is the circumstances (it is theory) - a scout which sees a tree does not look at it in saying "oh that it is beautiful" but "ah hold! it would be well that there for a table!" - if you see somebody who, when it rains remainder under the rain and does not run to shelter, has there strong chance so that it is scout! - for the simple amateur if you do not include/understand anything with what two people (especially the employment say of odd terms) they are two scouts - it is somebody who spends his time has tripatouiller of the ends of string to make nodes which are just used to make pretty, or which never walks without an end of string, a notebook, a pen, a knife... But also which starts songs to make pass time. - it is also somebody who does not put two hours with to find a node to attach the net of volleyball in EPS, which thinks during the exit in SVT that that will be a pure place to camp whereas the others désespèrément try not to dirty theirs new tennis shoes in the small water puddle pool. - it is somebody who attaches a great importance with a badge with two balls! - it is somebody who knows full with plays - it is somebody able not to wash himself during one day - it is somebody capable of gober blanks, of to eat odd tricks - It is a type which introduces you his good wishes as of October, with one calendar. - It is also that which always has tricks with to tell on what it does - It is somebody who points one Monday morning D winter with the job ent-shirt and which opens the windows while arriving "that creve of heat and that feels it contained here!" (forcing it has just camped 2jrs outside) - It is very often somebody who does not see where is the difficulty in speaking in public - It is somebody who returns bronzed from weekend as of March - it is somebody who has a rather particular humour, that many does not include/understand... - it is somebody who does not resist the challenge when it is said to him "that mouth" - It is somebody who does not beat about the bush and speaks frankly, leaves to do it a little too much! - It is somebody who, even very young person, manages one diary of minister. à the place of the photographs of stars, of comic photographs or cochonnes, they are the photographs of its camps or the charts scoutes which cover its diary - a scout, it is that which will say hello to the p' tit new of the class even if it is a "badger", even if it "is wedged", it is that which all it world looks with astonishment when it dares to communicate with the others - it is somebody who cannot empécher of saying what it thinks to do to move the things - a scout, it is also somebody who does not hesitate with to show with the others how it is necessary to make. It does not hesitate either to make a jump of 18 meters in water. - a scout it is somebody who drinks at the self-service of water of a jug with crumbs inside. - it is somebody who always has something à to make the weekend - it is somebody who has supers old buddies - it is somebody who belongs has large family (what does not surprise a world badly especially when one asks you spent the weekend to you with which?) - it is somebody who is always polished - a scout is only A to return a site of camp-site cleaner than it found it - they is somebody who sleep under the tent and which does not have not fear of the small animals... - It is a type which prefers to sleep by ground that on a bad bed... - a type which arrives into full forms Monday well that it spent one weekend under the rain whereas the others caught cold in front of the tele one... - the scout, C the type which palm not into full countryside. - It is somebody who returns regularly from weekend scratched or with scratches with the face or with the arm (which idea to run wood, then!) - it is somebody who goes in the stores not to make window shopping after the job, but to make papers gifts equipped oddly - It is a type which gets tired the inch à to cut out Scotch tape, which is dismounted the knees and the back à to make of the packages for the demanding ones, which says hello happy spend while smiling whereas it is burst, - the only type which in the subway takes them staircases, and not the escalators, has the large ones chances to be scout. - the scout, it is the type which sings jovially and with insurance, but which does not leave star' ac' - a scout, it is a type which always has a notebook of song which trails some share with carried hand in its room - a scout, it is qqn which sleep in a tent which takes the fleet and which is super happy nevertheless ! - It is somebody who makes more bétises the summer that during the year - the scout, C somebody which when it leaves on a journey a bag 10x less large has than that of the others because they did not expect that the bare essential survival. - a scout, it is somebody who when it takes it train, gives a blow of hand to people with bags larger that them, because it knows what is to trott itself with tents and trunks in the TGV. - a scout they is somebody who block the door also of the train with trunks, tents... small council for the traveller, never cross one scout with a bag has back in the corridor of a coach comparti lies - a scout it is a type which for the holidays of summer Corrèze, the Hollow one, Brittany chooses. - It is somebody who finds that too well them toilets in the train (especially with the return of camp) - a scout C somebody which leaves in pants the WC to find its accomplices, to howl to them without any decency "has there not qq1 which has PQ?", and to set out again as quickly as come, in the WC with the roller of providential PQ. I add: à what is a chief of a scout recognized? C him which had the roller of PQ in its business! - And especially, it is somebody who adores to remain discutailler and to sing during hours around fire... And which Master passed in art to roast a chamallow (laugh, laugh, it is not so easy that ça to roast it perfectly!!) - It is somebody who knows that the sardines and them mackerels are not only fish - It is somebody who knows better than anybody what want to say solidarity and team spirit - It is a being not like another and it is that which is brilliant in scouting, one can do what one wants without being judged. - a scout it is somebody who does not know the word impossible - a scout it is somebody who is persuaded that it world could well better be if everyone y his put, and which is not deprived to show the example. - a scout it is an odd type which, curiously, considered before acting. - the scout, C somebody which has confidence in sound next. - the scout, it is always that which is a little with with dimensions of the herd for better benefitting from the sight and of life - the scout, it is faithful somebody à God and à sound next - It is somebody who in his tender childhood was piqué by one insane desire for living something of formidable and which is found reached of an incurable disease: scouting!

Return in force(finally I espere...)Good then my small comrades, as you could note it, this blog is unfortunately dying gradually, since nobody occupies himself some... But for truth if! Your expensive and tender Second of the Frightening Stork succeeded has to recover the access code and account to give all that well up to date! Then I launch a call has all those which would have pornography has to give us, and more particularly with the CP has which it return the duty to maintain this blog in life as long as a chief will not do it...
All I wish you a good day or a good night,

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Am I who I think I am?
In us, there are three people:
that which one would like to be
that which one is
and that which one shows with the others

these three personalities merge, two are known to us, but nobody really knows who it is... I would like to have talent, to be sympathetic with everyone to have friends of any kind, to be sublissime with the sideboard, good notes and all... all the opposite of what I think of being, then, I show only my with dimensions violent ones, I fight all the time, or I am merry without however being it, I never show my feelings, but with final, which am I? somebody who tries to be merry, all with the smile for the evening to take refuge in its truths feelings, sadness and thoughts black, sometimes desire for killing, or to be it...
the person whom one shows with the others, it is that which we will be never...


But which are us?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Under the feather of B SAKINA on October 29 the voice of L oranie’in its edition in Arab language titrated. Thus the writer evoked the report/ratio respectively quarterly CHUOran and UCTMROran are andwestern Oran to quote the number of 930 new cases for the troisièeme quarter of year 2005.Ce qu’it is necessary to retain this article is veryaccess qu’ a great number of lost of sight constitute a problem for the responsible experts when they return to them with an evolutionary recovery and qu’they is necessary to change treatment to them and to fear obviously a resistance.

The question should be raised it would have lost sight of the fact as much why there ? For which reasons the tuberculous one for which appears some improvements in its general state thinks that it is cured and gives up its treatment and that before dying it will have had time to contaminate 10 people per year of diseases? T-it was suffisament sensitized?your pri has time to explain to him why the treatment should last 6 months minimum Si one refers to article a significant number of patient are lost sight of the fact becoming again thereafter of the evolutionary recoveries thus developing resistant forms cannot one charge these lost sight of the fact qu’to the shortage or then would act ita lack of sensitizing andinformation of the patient on his disease and risks qu’it just like involves risks incurred by the company ? One lost of sight is something of sand-gravel mix bus is a source of contamination for entourage

Just like is serious the treatment into ambulatory the tuberculous pulmonary ones with spitting called positive BK smears I never acknowledge not to have been able to design how one can acceder with the logic which makes it possible a national programme of fight against tuberculosis to release spitting of bacilli whose reading of the blade revealed 50 baar by fields and not by 100 fields or 300 fields.

Just like the mask is serious which passes toa patient to different during meetings of oxygéno-thérapie.chez the athmatiques ones, the emphysémateux ones or cardiopathes (the latter are very often diabetics thus weak physically which make arterial hypertension).

As serious are these water small casks as one find a little everywhere which make ugly our cities and poison our judicious tonnelets populations to water the badeaux ones but which contaminate them rather.

Also serious are these coffees which deumeurent Moors in their mentalities, their hygiene and their managements malgrés progrés of the technology which only made up them flagstone of ground.

The conclusion of article is very edifying and raises the question of the return to the sanatorium.

Since my last article did one try to call in question hygiene in the coffees and the places of public restoration which make in this direction the local communities to improve the general conditions of hygiene?

The campaign against tuberculosis comprises many aberrations and anti tuberculous only N’will be able there nothing to change even they are been used for profusion.

Recovery Is necessary to believe that one cannot work continuously during months without wanting of arreter a little from time to time. The week derniere, family visit. I had just begun the review (1) of paper. Good, I did not etais too inside either. Blow, week family, without too of job (within the meaning of the thesard of derniere year when same) and it etait well, one sets out again of the good foot. Lastly, it was necessary that I am registered has the FAC. And the surprise! the UPMC wants that I pay a secu etudiante, under pretexte that I do not have a contract which covers the academic year. Not good, Ca makes 200 euros more on the cheque. And like one leaves in February and that from here I have CDD, I have a little the impression to be made have! Thus I engage my battle against the system not to pay these contributions, following the next number. I had not seen, not really seeks either, but it is a quite practical sport the blog in derniere year: thus excentric ; zoe or the "thesard remois" ... Domitille is finally out of ore baskets, has it it rest, the house and much of sleep because, not really, the 8eme month of pregnancy is very tiring. Good, finally, it would seem that the marriage is almost organizes, except change of derniere minute, all is on the rails. It does not remain us any more which has to make our visas, to accomodate baby, make our paperboards, to find plane tickets, to make papers of the cat and in what relates to me to finish it?§?§?!! of manuscript of these which has much has advanced at the beginning but stagnates for 2 weeks. One A finds our season tickets has the swimming pool of the year derniere: 2 seances. Not, there do not remain 2 seances but of A only 2 are used! Morality: there remain 8 seances has to use before November 3. Is necessary to believe that I will go back to the sport. I have same ete one to make a jogging with cedric Sunday morning. There will be all considering; including the kilos pile up on the level of the belt since last winter. Not a these, it is really not for the line. There is ete seeks our alliances and now I play the Lords of the Rings in the room every evening. Is necessary to say that it is my premiere rings, then good. Desole. One could all have had the idee, but there has that him which really did it. "The Million dollar homepage" or how to earn money with the 21eme century in occident. I place the bond because it is genial and stupid A the time. The derniere time that I am alle there, it already sufficient had sold pixels to pay to the studies of its arrieres-arrieres little children... Soon, promised, I make a file on oil and our future without him.

(1): When one wants to publish an article in a scientific review, one starts by "subjecting" an initial version has the editor who sends it then has "reviewer" for correction/critique/relecture. Ca can last relatively a long time but for the review that I chose that took 2 months. Then one recoie comments and questions: famous "the review". It is thus necessary to answer and take again the consequently manuscript it. Me, I have until A November 5 (!) to do them. Then one starts again since the beginning and normally the article east "accepts". It then joined the top of the pile of papers on standby of publication. This one can intervene of the months later....